At A Lotus Rises #WSC we’re empowering women’s lives in and out of the water and our initial focus is on increasing visibility, access and participation of women in swimming.

Want to inspire your community, your workforce, your mates? Want to be part of a network of swimspirational women?

Much more to follow, but for now here’s some examples of our land based activities… Or come along and join our Sunday Swim Socials – informal swim meet ups 9am every Sunday – see our social media links for latest updates.


We deliver innovative and collaborative workshops, designed around your needs,  that use the water world as a gateway to new skills, resilience and inspiration for life both in and out of the water.

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October 2017

A Guide to Open Water Swimming – At the Women’s Adventure Expo 2017.

In a workshop sponsored by Outdoor Swimmer Magazine, we explored swimspirational stories from across our Women’s Swimming Collective, including  water advocate Becky Sindall from Nile Swimmers and The Splash Foundation, and how Outdoor Swimming is a gateway to diplomacy, well being, creativity and positive change. Participants also worked in smaller groups to discuss approaches to different open water swim challenges – considering issues such as kit, training, risk assessment and support crew.

October 2017

Adventure Uncovered Live – A Lotus Rises lead a panel on Outdoor Swimming: A Gateway to Positive Change. Part of a night of stories on Social Impact and Change through responsible adventure. Founder of ALR, Alice, was joined by Becky Horsbrugh (talking about drowning prevention in Bangladesh) and Emma Watson (talking about her campaign #waitingforthecall raising awareness of Endometriosis and a myriad of social issues, including body confidence in the process).



Liquidscapes 2018 Tales and tellings of a watery world and and fluid states

Sunday Swim Socials 9am – all levels welcome for an informal dip and a cuppa – contact us via social media or for venues and latest updates.


Public Speaking

January 2018 FFeatured Fifteen  Care and Cause

First TV news interview – exactly how I thought it would be…

August 2017 Radio 5 Live, Breakfast Programme, discussing women only swim sessions

Kendal Mountain Festival Outdoor Swimming Session 2016



Water, identity and community – Our changing relationship with water.


Swim Events

1600 champion swimmers brave rain, wind, chop and a few twigs at the annual Dart 10k

When did you have your first Swoosh?

Swimming and social impact

All Party Parliamentary Group Launches on Swimming

Beyond Clubs to Community According to Swim England, 22% of women and 20% of men in England are unable to swim. Alice Gartland meets inspirational Swim London coach Harley Hicks, whose mission is to “rip those statistics apart.”

Outdoor Swimming: A Gateway to Positive Change, Women’s Adventure Expo

Swim training

Outdoor Swimmer Magazine, Beginners Guide to Outdoor Swimming, Contributing Editor

Outdoor Swimming Magazine Swimming Costume Review

Social and political analysis

A Time to be Brave We live in a new world order. Traditional political frameworks help explain our environment and the values that drive Britain, but they do not provide a comprehensive strategy to meet the economic and social challenges we face.