We deliver  collaborative workshops, that use the water world as a gateway to new skills, resilience and inspiration for life both in and out of the water.

Examples include:

Advising a global sportswear brand on trends in the swimming and outdoor swimming community.

Hosting A Guide to Outdoor Swimming at the Women’s Adventure Expo, working with local swimming pools on community engagement strategies, and hosting a panel of women from across the #WSC at Adventure Uncovered Live.

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March 2018 “In Conversation” with Jenny Landreth, author of Swell: A Waterbiography.

January 2018 FFeatured Fifteen  Care and Cause: Out of the water A Lotus Rises – an exploration of women, swimming, rights and water.

Radio 5 Live, Breakfast Programme, discussing women only swim sessions

Kendal Mountain Festival Outdoor Swimming Session 2016