The A Lotus Rises blog features ‘swimspirational’ real life, awareness raising stories and advice from women who love the water (or perhaps didn’t but do now)…

After nearly drowning as a kid and spending most of my life being terrified of the water, I finally learnt to swim last year at the grand old age of 35. I’m not going to lie, getting ready in the changing room before my first class was utterly terrifying, but a year on it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.  I’m now a pretty weak swimmer, but also bloody love swimming (who’d have thought!) and the ethos behind your community completely resonates with me 🙂  So I just wanted to drop you a line to send you lots of encouragement and hope you can get a lot more women swimming 🙂 Because it’s brilliant.” A Lotus in London

Loving this blog! Ta for the review of the bag, I am thinking of investing when I can afford to.” A Lotus in the Lakes

“You girls inspire me to swim every Monday”, A Lotus in Queensland Australia

“Thank you for this inspirational blog”  A Lotus in  North London



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