Our head coach Alice Gartland is a Swim England Level 2 Swim Teacher and STA Level 2 Open Water Swim Coach – completing her open water coaching qualification under the tutelage of  two times open water swimming World Champion, and Olympic Silver Medalist, Kerri-anne Payne.

Based in South London, our clients range from adults and youngsters learning to swim and swim for fun and fitness swimmers; through to aqua-phobes and people transitioning from the pool to open water, triathletes and accomplished open water swimmers.


Learning to swim as an adult is a daunting prospect. I could swim what I call “Mum breaststroke” but I had always wanted to learn to swim front crawl. Partly to keep up with my kids in the water but also because I had always been inspired by strength and grace in the water. I just wanted to do it. Alice is a brilliant and inspirational teacher, with her own story and incredible achievements in the water. She immediately put me at ease in the water with her friendly and positive approach. Technically, she introduced me to one aspect of the stroke at a time.

To master each aspect, she had a vast array fun drills and also analogies that made sense, eg imagining my hands were raindrops gently entering the water. Once I had got the hang of it, she encouraged me to set an intention, ie choose a word for each length or swim set, eg graceful or strong, and that really made sense to me- and related to my original desire to learn to swim. Alice really cares about her clients’ swim goals. Mine was to be able to swim a length of the Lido. Not only did I achieve that, but she was there, swimming next to me, to give me a big hug when I made it! Thanks Alice.” Helen

I learned to swim as a child and loved it. As an adult I really enjoyed playing in the sea but i didn’t feel confident going to a local pool to swim laps. Then I met Alice about a year and a half ago. Her love and passion for swimming made me more curious and more determined to start swimming again. 

“Alice is an absolutely brilliant coach. Her warm and encouraging nature helped me feel safe in a situation I normally would have found very intimidating. This just made it so much easier to learn.
Alice effortlessly tailored the coaching sessions to me. She paid attention to how I swam and what helped me learn. It did not at all feel like a one sized fits all experience. She encouraged feedback of what I found helpful and what I didn’t. And she gave me an individualized training plan. I am now swimming laps by myself, once a week. This would not have happened without Alice.”  Jess

Out of the water A Lotus Rises.