A Swimming Symphony! A Call for Swimmers!

On 30th September 2018 at Plymouth Hoe from 12.30-1.30 ,swimmers and water lovers are invited to an interactive concert of swimming and music – aka The Immersive Orchestra, as part of the Atlantic Project and Plymouth Art Weekender.

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What is it?

The Immersive Orchestra is a collaborative performance between wild swimmers and amateur musicians. Devised by Shannon Watson and produced with Imperfect Orchestra, the performance is split into two main parts. Immersive Orchestra will see dozens of participants enter Plymouth Sound to swim at their leisure whilst being soundtracked by the Imperfect Orchestra’s ensemble of guitars. The wild swimmers will ‘conduct’ the performance of the 100 piece Guitar Orchestra, as their strokes in the water inform the pace of the music, and the number of swimmers effects playing dynamics. Both parts of the performance are open to the public to join in.



To register or find out more head to:


Or email shannonleahwatsonart@gmail.com,

Or follow the event Facebook Page

The Immersive Orchestra -swimmers and musicians in action: Illustration by Katherine Hall

Who can join in?

Anyone who is a capable open water swimmer is invited to take part. Even those who do not feel confident swimming in open water are invited to join in, by splashing and paddling on the shoreline. You can register via the website.

Take a seat

About Shannon Watson 

Shannon Watson is an artist and recent graduate from Plymouth College of Art using her work as a platform to encourage discussions around wild swimming. The result of this is often performative. From swimming lessons at the Tate, to a collaborative project with Imperfect Orchestra, the relationship between swimmer and water is explored throughout her work. Through the recent introduction of digital software, her interactive installation (Immersive Musician), explored escapism through wild swimming and music. Here the installation takes on the space of a stage; as viewers interact with the work, they become both a swimmer and composer of their own soundtrack.

These ideas of performance and escapism have been developed into a live performance in collaboration with Devon wild swimmers and Imperfect Orchestra to be shown as part of Atlantic Festival, and Plymouth Art Weekender Plymouth. This performance titled Immersive Orchestra, is a culmination of Shannon’s past couple of years spent with various wild swimmers learning more about their experiences and how swimming has helped them. Immersive Orchestra initially took inspiration from a local Plymouth swimmer, Kathy, as she recalled fond memories of her younger years spent on Plymouth Hoe dancing to live music and swimming. Kathy is still a regular swimmer throughout the year and Shannon wanted to create an opportunity for people to enjoy both music and swimming on the Hoe again.

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