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At A Lotus Rises we’re putting ourselves on the frontline to answer one of the toughest questions in open water swimming:

What is the best cake for optimum swim performance?

Working in partnership with the  International Institute of Swim Cake Studies (IISCS) .

Presenting Scientific SwimCake Data at the Kendal Mountain Festival 2016

This could be a lifetime of research. Daunting for some, but we believe we have the focus and tenacity to swim and eat cake for as long as it takes and wherever it takes us – all over the world if necessary.

There are a number of SwimCake research fellowships available and You can help and support us in this serious swimming science endeavour, by submitting your swimcake data to the International Institute for Swim Cake Studies (IISC) via twitter and  facebook.

Scientific analysis of the study as it progresses will be featured on the A Lotus Rises Blog.

Become a Swimcake Research Fellow! A call to action at Kendal Mountain Festival 2016
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