About A Lotus Rises

The name A Lotus Rises, comes from the Chinese proverb 芙蓉出水 ‘Out of the water A Lotus Rises’, used to describe strong beautiful women in water, talented swimmers and overcoming challenges and coming into bloom. Whilst statistics on pool swimming indicate women are 3 x more likely to quit swimming than men, and fear of judgment prevents many women from enjoying a dip at the local pool, Outdoor Swimming is an arena where women excel and is a catalyst for creativity, social justice, diplomacy, well being, positive body image and positive change.

At A Lotus Rises we are on a mission to increase visibility, access and participation of women in swimming. The practical and policy solutions to that, require innovative action and a collaborative approach in a number of areas. We believe learning to swim is a human right; and enjoying the water, is a gateway to well being, creativity and positive change. So we’re building a bridge from pool to pond and beyond, to harness the power of outdoor swimming and empower our lives both in and out of the water.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 19.00.10
Our first workshop at the Women’s Adventure Expo, sponsored by Outdoor Swimmer Magazine

In addition, the relationship between women and water underpins a sustainable way of life. We are committed to raising awareness and finding solutions to the social and environmental issues that are so entwined with our love of water.

  1. Women are water managers in communities at the forefront of the global fresh water crisis and must be better integrated into social and economic planning  to avert the emerging conflicts and negative impact of water scarcity.
  2. In a number of countries women are more vulnerable to drowning as they come into contact with water more regularly in their day to day lives e.g. washing clothes. Women also play a crucial role in preventing drowning amongst children and learn to swim initiatives, as women are often the primary care giver.

Of course, changing the world for the better, one swim at a time, is a team sport and we’d love you to be part of our swimming collective. You can connect with us on  FB, Insta and Twitter.  Any stories, questions, or if you’d like to support our work and collaborate with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via alotusrises@gmail.com.

芙蓉出水 Out of the water A Lotus Rises www.alotusrises.com #alotusrises #WSC

Note: The blog  and its content are subject to copyright, please contact us for permission if you wish to use any of its content.

More background about Alice, the founder of A Lotus Rises is here.


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