The name A Lotus Rises, comes from the Chinese proverb 芙蓉出水 ‘Out of the water A Lotus Rises’, used to describe strong beautiful women in water, talented swimmers and overcoming challenges and coming into bloom.

Whilst statistics on pool swimming indicate women are 3 x more likely to quit swimming than men, and fear of judgment prevents many women from enjoying a dip at the local pool, Outdoor Swimming is an arena where women excel. At A Lotus Rises we are on a mission to change that statistic and increase visibility, access and participation of women in swimming.

We believe learning to swim is a human right; and enjoying the water, is a gateway to well being, creativity and positive change. So we’re building a bridge from pool to pond and beyond, to harness the power of outdoor swimming and empower our lives both in and out of the water.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 19.00.10
A Guide to Outdoor Swimming Workshop at the Women’s Adventure Expo

In addition, the relationship between women and water underpins a sustainable way of life. We are committed to raising awareness and finding solutions to the social and environmental issues that are so entwined with our love of water. a_lotus_rises_blue_green-e1509129875223.jpg

Note: The blog  and its content are subject to copyright, please contact us for permission if you wish to use any of its content.



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