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A Lotus Rises #WSC is a startup social enterprise empowering women through water. The name A Lotus Rises, comes from the Chinese proverb 芙蓉出水 ‘Out of the water A Lotus Rises’, and is used to describe strong beautiful women in water, talented swimmers and overcoming challenges and coming into bloom.

The A Lotus Rises Blog features swimspirational real-life, awareness raising, humorous stories and advice from women who love the water (or who perhaps didn’t but do now!). Alongside that, the women’s swimming collective run workshops and inspirational talks on swimming and empowerment. There’s also a regular Sunday Swim Social.



Whilst statistics on pool swimming indicate women are 3 x more likely to quit swimming than men, and fear of judgment prevents many women from enjoying a dip at the local pool, over 50% of participants in Outdoor Swimming are women and it is an activity in which they excel.

We are on a mission to change those pool statistics and increase visibility, access and participation of women in swimming. We believe learning to swim is a human right; and know that enjoying the water, is a gateway to well being, creativity and positive change. So we’re building a bridge from pool to pond and beyond, to harness the power of outdoor swimming to empower women’s lives both in and out of the water.

In addition, the relationship between women and water underpins a sustainable future and we are committed to helping raise awareness and finding solutions to the social and environmental issues that are so entwined with our love of water.

Note: The blog  and its content are subject to copyright, please contact us for permission if you wish to use any of its content.





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