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I love swimming. There aren’t many fundamental life skills, that can not only save your life, but also open the door to new friends, well-being, and adventures. Knowing the capacity for swimming and the swimming community to empower our lives both in and out of the water, for a long time, it has been my hope to apply what I’ve learnt since I started swimming again, and help other people access, enjoy and be safe in the water.

So, two weeks ago I completed the ASA Level 1 Teaching Aquatics qualification. From day 1 candidates were in the pool working as teaching assistants, alongside Level 2 teachers instructing students aged 5-9 years old with varying levels of swimming experience.


Learning by doing – straight into the water to appreciate the different elements of the strokes. Photo Credit: Aquability TTC

It’s a busy week learning about the 4 strokes, gaining insights on interpersonal communication, the policy and legal frameworks in which swim teachers operate and of course getting in the pool supporting the teachers and also leading some parts of the sessions.


Learning the elements of each stroke: Photo Credit: Aquability TTC

When you love swimming in lakes and seas, it is easy to forget quite how daunting the first steps into water can be, and working with these young learners really helped deconstruct swimming and appreciate its fundamental elements. And, as with so many things, it also reminded me that the best way to learn is by having fun…

Breathing when swimming can be a real hurdle for many people, but blowing bubbles into the water and impersonating a boat is much easier; and why focus on streamlining when you can just pretend to be a rocket?


Halloween Themed Swimming Lesson – what better way to accessorize a wetsuit?! Photo Credit: Aquability TTC

To say it’s rewarding to see one of your students go from a look of tearful terror at the beginning of a class to laughing in the water, is an understatement.

Away from the pool teaching, what struck me in particular was the diversity of the candidates: People of all ages, from synchronized swimmers, and club swimmers looking to ‘give back’ to their clubs, and people embarking on a career change, and of course, an open water swimmer. By far the majority were women.

We all brought different perspectives and our excellent course tutor somehow managed to accommodate our different strengths and weaknesses, and through a variety of lectures, group discussions, activities and games we all learned from each other, got through the course syllabus and passed!

What a fantastic week! Thank you to all my fellow students and Shelley and Lorna at Aquability!


Aquability ASA Level 1 Teaching Aquatics. Class of 2016. Photo Credit: Aquability TTC


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    • Thank you! I’m so excited. I’ve wanted to get started on these qualifications for a long time. It’s so rewarding! Yes, will be lovely to see you and sooner rather than later! X

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