If you want a wise answer, ask a reasonable question

Brilliant blog from Lisa Williams answering the many questions people have about Swimming the Channel – Lisa is an extremely talented open water swimmer. This summer she has completed a 2-way Windermere swim, will swim Lake Zurich as 2 person relay and in September will swim the Channel solo. Amazing!

My Swimming Tales


Like many aspiring Channel swimmers (& those whom already hold the grand title of being a Channel swimmer) I find myself always being asked questions about what it entails.  We often spend time laughing at some of the questions we are asked as they seem ridiculous to us but for those not living and breathing the life of a ‘Channel swimmer’ wannabe they must be reasonable questions.

For this blog I have decided to answer all those questions I am always asked and also opened up the question to my my facebook group to see what they might like to know, so here goes….

Do you wear a wetsuit?
No, I will be crossing the Channel under the rules of the Channel Swimming & Pilot Federation (CS&PF) their rules state that you are able to wear a swimsuit (one or two piece) that does not extend past the shoulder or…

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