A last minute 5km

I wanted to up my mileage a bit this week and made a last minute decision to head to Eton Dorney for the Votwo Long Swim 5k. Also didn’t want to miss the chance to race my coach!


TEAM! Great performances all around!

I beat Dan to the start pen, and was just ahead when we walked into the water… I then didn’t see him again until the finish, where he was cheering us all on having had a three course dinner, hair cut, shave, and sent some emails. You get the picture … Next time!

5k First place cake and wine! Well done Dan!

5k First place cake and wine! Well done Dan!

Key stats for the day:

  • Races: 2.5k. 3.8k, 5k and 10k.
  • Entry fee: £23, £25, £30, £35 (plus £2 on the day registration)
  • Non wetsuit friendly? Yes!
  • Conditions: Windy chop on the way up, speedy on the way down the lake. Clouds and sunshine.


  • Race briefing? Excellent. Witty, detailed and clear.
  • Toilets. Not bad! Slightly distressed by half eaten sandwich next to me in one cubicle.
  • Sustenance? Yes. Food stations had gatorade & coke. Always good to have water as an option though. Impressive array of cakes at finish. In fact the most cake I have ever seen at an event like this. Well done.
  • Atmosphere: Friendly. Votwo steward helped with my sunscreen and really friendly at the food station. Too friendly actually and  I ended up chatting for about 5 minutes (it’s tough being a serious endurance athelete…).


  • Swim performance. A new 5k PB! Could have been even better if it hadn’t been for chatting too long at the food station and being in a meditative state so forgetting to pay attention to sighting when crossing the lake. Also got tangled in some weeds.
  • Thing to remember for next time? My underwear.
  • Prizes? Yes. A medal for everyone and first place got wine and more cake!
  • Overall: Kind of swim event that can be a great challenge in its own right, or just a fun addition to training.







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