Missing training targets, meltdowns and swimming synchronicity

In a post Big Chill Swim bubble of excitement I was super psyched for swim training and had high hopes that this week would be THE week that I upped my post injury pool sessions to a championship tally of three. With my sights firmly fixed on that target, I proceeded to spend every spare moment I had doing pretty much anything other than swim.

My scheduled session 1 was spent drinking pints, eating crisps and talking about exercise in a pub; session 2 transformed into fartlek run training; and session 3 was cunningly disguised as an hour of pilates.

I began to marvel at the level of consistency at which I was doing the complete opposite of what I had set out to do and by Friday had to admit that I was a tad off course. Having run out of swim-life metaphors/excuses, I was teetering on the brink of a complete swim training meltdown; scrambling around for some sense of perspective.

[Please press play]

Thankfully the weekend, and more specifically Charlton Lido, came to the rescue, providing the location of two wonderful swims, including a great 2.5k medley of the upmost swimming synchronicity: my feet were like flippers, I had the core stability of an oak… I was unstoppable!

On my way home, wrapped up in post aqua euphoria, this disco classic came on the radio. Back from the brink, the future of swimming as I know it was safe once again.

Note: This clip may also be the best expression of swimming synchronicity through the medium of dance that I have ever found. Amazing…


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